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Jessie Reyez Announces The Yessie Tour Coming This Fall

Jessie Reyez Announces Fall 2022 North American Tour
Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez’s Fall 2022 North American Tour

R&B singer Jessie Reyez announced The Yessie Tour on her social platforms on August 29th. The Fall 2022 tour will conquer cities across North America including Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Seattle, New York, NY and many more! On October 13th the 31-year-old will embark on The Yessie Tour bringing an intimate, one-of-a-kind experience for her fans.

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Greatest Hits 

Firstly, Jessica Reyez or Jessie Reyez launched into the music scene in 2017 with her smash hit “Figures.” The track describes a relationship where the Columbian singer gave her all and got nothing back. In detail, Jessie’s partner blames her for not being able to trust him, even though he doesn’t earn the right to be trusted. Secondly, the R&B singer released “Body Count,” a single about the slut-shaming of women. Significantly, this single highlights how men are praised for having a high number of sexual partners while women are chastised for it.

Thirdly, Reyez released her critically acclaimed 2020 album Before Love Came To Kill Us. The album featured one of her biggest hits “Imported” with 6LACK. In this chill R&B track, 6LACK and Reyez attempt to mend their broken hearts by having sex with someone else.

“You, you’re in love with somebody else

Maybe I could offer some help

Get over them by gettin’ under me”

The Genius Of Jessie Reyez 

Clearly, the 31-year-old entices her listeners with her deeply vulnerable and honest lyrics. The emotion and passion in her voice makes her music feel more like entries from Jessie’s diary. The somber tone of her music gives comfort to her fans as they can relate to the heartbreak and mistreatment in the relationships Jessie sings about.

Recent Singles And New Album From Jessie Reyez 

Similarly, Jessie’s 2022 singles “MUTUAL FRIEND,” “FRAUD” tackle betrayal, disloyalty, and heartbreak in a past relationship.   The brilliant songwriting and unique vocals in these tracks prove she is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. The tracks stem from her forthcoming album Yessie arriving on September 16th. Above all, the Yessie Tour will promote this fourth album from Reyez and provide fans with intimate live performances.

Jessie Reyez Turns Savage In “Mutual Friend”

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