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Foggieraw Goes Viral With ‘Psalm 62’ Poem

Foggieraw Goes Viral With ‘Psalm 62’ Poem

Foggieraw Soundcloud Picture
Foggieraw via Soundcloud

Underground rapper Foggieraw has been going viral on Instagram for his poem, ‘Psalm 62’. It features the rapper in a diner wearing an apron reciting the poem to the camera and to a woman in the restaurant. The 1 minute video has over 1 million views and counting.

Before this video has been blowing up, Foggieraw has been making music since 2012. In 2013, he came out with his first project, ‘Rice For Breakfast’. He’s part of the ‘Diff Sound’ label. His style isn’t one that’s easy to identify. Complex says, “Foggieraw’s naturally deep vocals and wide range of influences from artists like OutKast, Pimp C, and MF DOOM give his music its own flavor.”

Foggie’s music videos are often very bright and lively, and so is his style. His music doesn’t get too deep, and he doesn’t talk much about his past. It’s very lighthearted and impossible for a listener to not bop their head while listening. He describes himself as a person who doesn’t take things too seriously, and effortlessly makes great music!

Foggie’s Past

Photo by Great Britt

Foggieraw was born in Ghana, and says in an interview with ‘Off The Porch‘ that he came to America when he was about 5 years old. He grew up in Maryland and experienced a culture shock moving from Ghana to Montgomery County in Maryland. When moving to Prince George’s County, he says in the interview that “everything was so lit, everybody listened to crazy types of music, hip hop, go-go… there’s just so much complexity.” He says PG County shaped him as a person and a rapper.

Foggieraw ‘Polo On Me’ Cover Soundcloud

Foggie has a lot of music on SoundCloud, where he posts pretty frequently. In his interview with Complex, he talks a lot about his life growing up. His friends at the beginning of his rap career used to try to influence him against making the music he liked to make. He says in the interview, “Then, I transferred schools, so I was away from them and I was able to become my own artist. That’s when it really changed.'”

His personality really shines through in his music and music videos. Most of them are of him dancing and reciting his lyrics in colorful and fly outfits, looking carefree. His video going viral is giving him way more attention, and even got Drake to follow him! Will we see a Foggieraw x Drizzy song come out soon?

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