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Jessie Reyez Turns Savage In “Mutual Friend”

Jessie Reyez from "MUTUAL FRIEND" Music Video
Jessie Reyez from “MUTUAL FRIEND” Music Video

“Mutual Friend”

“Mutual Friend” released on August 12th and is the second single from Canadian singer/songwriter Jessie Reyez this year. The “Figures” singer released “Fraud” in late June detailing Jessie’s resentment toward a disloyal and untruthful ex-boyfriend. She holds them accountable for their lies, broken promises, failure to take ownership, and more. “MUTUAL FRIEND” may be about the same ex-lover, however, in this track she discusses how her heartbreak has transformed into hate. Jessie brilliantly articulates her emotions in her music as the listener can feel her anger and shamelessness in this track. 

Lyrics And Meaning Behind “Mutual Friend” 

In detail, her crisp tone is passionate and unique in “Mutual Friend.” Her soulful vocals are laid over chilling keyboards and a bed of violins. Jessie doesn’t hold back in the savage chorus that reads,

“If you died tomorrow, I don’t think I’d cry

I gave you one too many nights

Don’t care if it sound cold, it is what it is”

Jessie sings these words with no remorse because this person doesn’t deserve anything from her. Her hate for this person is justified, and despite how much they have wronged her, she did not hurt them back. The mutual friend shared by Jessie and her ex, is in the middle of the breakup. They do not take a side, although Jessie’s ex expresses to the mutual friend that they are apologetic and want to talk to Reyez. The mutual friend relays the ex-lovers messages to Jessie, but their words mean nothing to the 31-year-old singer. Their apology is seven months late, and Jessie is still angry and bitter from what they have done to her. The mutual friend stays neutral and cannot quite grasp the anger that Jessie feels. 

“Yeah, our mutual friend

Asked me how I sleep with so much hate in my heart

I told them I sleep like a baby”

Music Video For “Mutual Friend” 

The dark and eeries music video captures Jessie Reyez’s anger and negligent attitude. Jessie and the dancers are in an old-fashioned house dressed in all black. There are deer heads and a zebra head projected from the wall. One scene depicts a room filled with dead flowers and plants surrounding Jessie, as she sits cross-legged on a couch. Dead flowers are a common theme in the video, appearing on the bed and in the sink as the water runs. The conclusion of the video portrays Jessie dressed in a white top and short skirt and the dancers in the same black outfits. The lights flash with glimpses of them happily dancing, jumping, and singing along to the lyrics. Jessie flips off the camera and smiles are painted on everyone’s faces. 


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