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Jeon Somi Releases New Music: “Game Plan” EP

While the ex-JYPE singer may have success with singles, the "Game Plan" EP lacks the same 'wow' factor.

Nearly two years after releasing her debut album, K-pop soloist Jeon Somi celebrates the Game Plan EP with the dance anthem “Fast Forward. “In March, the singer-songwriter dropped a cover of Frank Ocean‘s 2012 single “Thinkin Bout You” as a gift to her fans.

Somi’s promotional single, “Fast Forward,” scaled upwards of 15 million on YouTube in 24 hours thanks to the unbeatable dance synths of Katy Perry’s “Chained To The Rhythm.” However, Game Plan produces a similar stain to her debut: her innovative production extends no further than the first single.

As a former participant in survival shows like Sixteen— that built the world-famous girl group Twice –and acclaimed winner of Produce 101, Somi found premature success through the shows’ “project” groups I.O.I, Unnies, and Girls Next Door. After parting ways with JYP Entertainment in 2018, she began her soloist career with The Black Label under JYP’s competitor, YG Entertainment.

Signing with Interscope Records/Universal Music Group may have been the only headline from her debut album, XOXO. Despite surpassing millions of views and gauging an unheard-of international distribution so early in her career, critics left the retired-pop album without knowing Somi beyond the hits “Birthday” and “DUMB DUMB.”

Game Plan sees a glimmer of hope, yet Somi’s only golden moments are “Fast Forward,” “Pisces,” and “The Way.” But in its low moments, Game Plan demonstrates her multi-genre talent in the most unlistenable way possible.

The majority of Game Plan wars between NCT 127’s jarring Sticker sound and Dua Lipa‘s disco-centric flavor. And if Barbie’s star-studded pop soundtrack means nothing, let the “Fast Forward” and “The Way” speak for themselves. Overall, disco may have won the fight, but Somi’s EP lost the war.

Listen to Jeon Somi’s Game Plan EP below. Check out more Releases on Music Daily!
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