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Recapping Frank Ocean’s Return to Music at Coachella Weekend One

It’s been six years since Frank Ocean has set foot on the stage. Coachella 2023 was supposed to be an iconic reemergence into the music industry after so much time away. And yet, it seems that more went wrong than right during weekend one of the music festival.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Each year in April, social media erupts into the flurry that is Coachella. You can’t scroll for more than five minutes on any social platform without being exposed to tweets, posts, and stories surrounding the music festival. And this year is no different. With Frank Ocean’s highly-anticipated performance as a headliner of the fest, the internet has been buzzing. However, not for the reasons anyone had expected.

To start off, Frank Ocean had fans waiting for over an hour to begin his set- with little to no communication about what was going on. Additionally, it was revealed that fans around the world would not be able to tune into a livestream of his performance. In what many people were calling an out of touch, inconsiderate move, Frank started off on the wrong foot before he ever stepped onto the stage.

As for the actual Coachella performance, there has been a variety of feedback from fans in attendance. Whereas some praised the artist for his unique approach to the festival, others criticized the length of the setlist, fresh off the frustrations of spending hours waiting in the desert. Here are just some of the tweets surrounding his performance:

Frank Ocean: From Bad To Worse

Credit: Andras Ladocsi

Okay, so Frank’s set was… questionable. That’s fine, some artists aren’t for everyone. But Frank also didn’t offer any merch despite the well-known excitement his fans had for his return to music. This is unheard of, especially for a headliner. And the cherry on top? His set was cut even shorter after he was made aware of the curfew in Coachella Valley. Whereas some artists eat the fines and continue their performance, Frank Ocean stopped his show, ending Coachella weekend one on a lackluster note.

In other news, there has since been a change made to the festival lineup as weekend two approaches. Amidst the social media backlash he has received from his performance, Frank Ocean has decided to pull out of weekend two. In his place, Blink-182 will be making their reunion appearance as headliners, closing out Coachella 2023. At least there are other festivals to look forward to this year, like Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo

So what did you think of Frank Ocean’s performance at Coachella? Let us know in the comments!

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