The Wrecks’ Surprise Single Is Everything

Looking for a song to fit your “New Year, New You” motif, The Wrecks have a track for you.   

New Alt. Song, Same Amazing Vibes

Alternative rock band The Wrecks just surprise released a brand new single. Titled “I Want My Life Back Now” the song is a lively reminder to live life on your own terms. In the age of COVID-19, any and all listeners can relate to wanting a return to the “good old days.” Even if that was just a year ago for some.   Lyrically and musically, the track is an immersive, rocking, relatable piece of music. So many people have been in the position of wanting to start over and this song soundtracks that feeling.    The Wrecks are giving fans the push they need to make 2021 the year of their life before it’s too late. This fun song is exactly what is needed to motivate someone or just make someone want to dance around. (Both are great options!) Like all good Wrecks songs, “I Want My Life Back Now” is the perfect balance between pop and alt rock.   It starts off slow, but quickly comes in full throttle in the best way possible. Deliciously melodic and unique with intricately crafted guitar riffs make this song spectacular. There is an early 2000s pop punk style to it, with the overarching authenticity of The Wrecks still coming through.   

The Wrecks Have Made Modern Alternative What It Is Today

Melodies, harmonies, and genuine musicality make the garage band sound of The Wrecks what it is today. Their friends and co-workers, such as Wallows and upcoming touring mates The Driver Era, are shaping the modern mold for alternative musicians.    The band is known for their alternative rock vibe, but a large part of their success comes from their music’s warmth. You can mosh to many rock songs, but you can’t dance to them all. The Wrecks make sure both are possible time and time again. Throw in the addition of powerful lyrics and six years of inspiration and you have The Wrecks’ amazing musical catalog.   For a sudden drop of music, fans of the California based band were pleasantly surprised. Many already claim this track to be one of their favorites that the band has ever released. The song’s new lyric video is already filled with listeners’ commenting that “The Wrecks keep putting out banger after banger.”    On Instagram, another fan wrote “It HAS to be stressful never having made a bad song.” None of these fans are wrong. The Wrecks have set a high bar for themselves and their alt rock peers. “I Want My Life Back Now” brings it up yet another notch.
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