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James Hype and Kim Pretas Revisit A Justin Timberlake Classic on ‘Drums’

Hype's new single features unexpected vocals from Justin Timberlake's first-ever solo single, "Like I Love You."

In the midst of her Feed The Beast tour, Kim Petras guest stars on James Hype’s new single, “Drums.” It features original vocals from Justin Timberlake’s 2002 classic “Like I Love You,” which the superstar allowed them to keep.

Speaking of the new track, Hype said: “I came up with the idea for ‘Drums’ in 2019. It was an instrumental called ‘Everybody Dance’, which I played in my sets.”

“The Hypefam heard it and not only demanded I release it, they had already renamed it ‘Drums’ of their own accord! The song part was also written a few years ago with some good friends, who have worked with me in the studio quite a bit.”

The storied track sees a final facelift thanks to “Unholy” pop princess Kim Petras. “Fast forward to 2023, I met Kim in LA and we got together to create this version of ‘Drums’ you hear now. We were also incredibly blessed to have Justin Timberlake agree to keep his original vocal, so this record feels incredibly special to me – Who does this?”

The track also features remnants of Pharrell Williams heard over Petras’ and Timberlake’s vocals. Hype rose to fame working with Pia Mia. However, his breakout hit, “Ferrari,” quickly eclipses every accolade as it recently surpassed 500 million streams on Spotify.

“Drums” follows the release of Petras’ debut album, Feed The Beast, supported by hits “Brrr” and “Alone.” More recently, the star’s previously unreleased pop gem Problématique saw release thanks to its inclusion on her tour setlist.

Stream James Hype and Kim Petras’s new collaboration, “Drums,” below! Check out more Releases on Music Daily.

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