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(G)I-DLE Brings The “HEAT” On First English EP

Despite hits "What I Like" and "Eyes Roll," (G)I-DLE's first English EP feels awkward at best.

As the “Queencard” singers wrap up their U.S. tour, the K-pop girl group takes a familiar stab at international stardom: releasing their first wholly English EP, Heat. In an attempt for Western acclaim, Meghan Trainor and One Republic’s Ryan Tedder notably front the producer credits. (G)I-DLE and BTS collaborators Michel “Lindgren” Schulz and Melanie Fontana also are credited.

The EP’s first taste, “I Want That,” reintroduces the Korean quintet to Western listeners through a fun, synthy Euro-dance beat. Paired with (G)I-DLE’s signature brazen lyrics, “I want the oh, my, oh, my, O-M-G/ I want that right now, no B-R-B,” it steels their talents in self-confidence.

In an interview with Billboard, (G)I-DLE member Minnie explained, “Our fans have been so supportive, we think that it’s about time to give back and be more connected to them so we came up with this album Heat.”

While their English effort intrigues non-K-pop listeners, (G)I-DLE doesn’t understand Western music consumption. A group known for power tracks like “TOMBOY” should not kick off the record with the dismal heartbreak of “I DO,” which is better suited as a mid-record deep-cut. As a pre-single, it’s a fresh perspective. However, it reads as “generic” on Heat, a letdown only comparable to the Blackpink wannabe “Flip It.”

If there’s a moment worth remembering, “Eyes Roll” bites with lyrical ferocity and a hearty dubstep-influenced chorus. The closing track, “Tall Trees,” is how (G)I-DLE should have approached its slower tracks. The strategic bass-driven melody offers a euphoric atmosphere, leaving many members with dreamy high notes and soppy lovesick lyrics.

Listen to (G)I-DLE’s new EP, Heat, below! Check out more Releases on Music Daily.

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