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Nayeon – “IM NAYEON” Album Review

Nayeon recently released her first solo EP, IM NAYEON, and fans are here for it.

She’s Nayeon

Im Nayeon, commonly known by the stage name Nayeon, is a member of Kpop girl group TWICE. Her first solo debut mini album, IM NAYEON, has won several top rankings on Billboard charts. It’s also won the hearts of her listeners, old and new.

Im Nayeon
Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment

In an interview with Teen Vogue, the Kpop star talked about how her 7-track mini album is her latest form of self-expression. “I believe every choice I’m making, and every decision I’m making is kind of a form of expression,” she said. “I believe, in that way, everything collaborates with each other and it all comes together to form myself — Nayeon.”


IM NAYEON begins with the title track “POP!” This track is super catchy, and reminiscent of second generation Kpop. The song is about making someone’s heart flutter as you occupy their thoughts. It’s light and bubbly, full of fun rhythms and that classic pop sound.

“NO PROBLEM,” which features Felix from Stray Kids, slows down the beat with an electronic disco sound. Nayeon and Felix sing about an unstoppable love for a couple. This track is the only one in English. While many Kpop artists have started singing English songs in the hopes of ranking high on American charts, other artists have also started singing in English to challenge themselves and reach their global fans.

im nayeon
Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment

Nayeon’s “ALL OR NOTHING” is a song she wrote herself. Credited as the sole songwriter, Nayeon sings about how no one else can live her life for her—only she can be in charge of her life and her choices. Her lyrics talk about how she needs to make the most of her life, and give what she loves her all, otherwise she’ll find value in nothing.

The mini album’s final song is “SUNSET.” With crystal clear vocals, delicate and dreamy, Nayeon takes listeners on a journey with her during the length of her song. “SUNSET” has that bittersweet ballad feel about it as Nayeon sings about how embarking on her own is scary and nerve-wracking, but the end result—the sunset—is so beautiful.

im nayeon
Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment

IM NAYEON is full of Nayeon’s beautiful, smooth vocals and complementary instrumentals. The Kpop idol sings about love and romance, but also about the worries she’s had in making solo music. However, her fellow TWICE members have been there for her every step of the way, and her journey of self-discovery and self-expression has produced an incredibly successful solo debut.

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