Ingrid Michaelson & ZAYN Look Forward ‘To Begin Again’

Ingrid Michaelson and ZAYN got together to collaborate on a beautiful new ballad, ‘To Begin Again’. The single talks about looking forward to a day when the pandemic ends, and be able to be with our loved ones once again.

Ingrid & ZAYN Look Forward to the Future

The new collab arrived as a surprise, as the only hint Ingrid gave on social media was an Instagram post two days prior to the release of ‘To Begin Again’. In her Instagram, she posted a picture of herself wearing a shirt with ZAYN’s face on it; captioning the photo simply with the word ‘Wednesday.’

‘To Begin Again’ is a ballad where the duo shares their feelings about being in lockdown and looking forward to a bright future where we can hug our loved ones once again. “And it’s alright, it’s okay. We will get another day. To begin again, to begin again, to begin again … And cry because I’m happy. And hold my friends like long-lost lovers. Be kind to me and love each other. The world keeps spinning on.”

‘To Begin Again’ Gives us Hope

Ingrid describes ‘To Begin Again’ as a one-off collab in a statement; as she continues work on the music and lyrics for the upcoming Broadway adaptation of The Notebook. “I wrote ‘To Begin Again’ the night that Biden won. There was so much joy in my neighborhood. Pots and pans being banged out of windows. Horns and whistles. Clapping. Singing!” Michaelson said in a statement.

“The collective sigh of relief resonated with me in such a way that I had to get it out musically. I sat at the piano and wrote most of the song right there in 15 minutes,” she added, noting that Aarons helped her with the second verse, at which point she realized it needed to be a duet. “I love ZAYN’s voice, especially when he goes high and sweet and sad. It was the perfect fit. The song is a song of hope and of release. Of beginning again…”

‘To Begin Again’ certainly gives us hope for the future, and makes us think about how much our lives have changed in the past year. 


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