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Joan Drops New Single “Nervous” & Shares Tour Dates

Acclaimed alternative pop duo joan released their newest single “nervous” and announced tour dates for this spring.

Joan’s Debut Album Is Arriving In April

Joan is on a roll! Just in November, the rising duo announced that their debut album, superglue, is arriving on April 19th. To not make fans wait until then for new music, they have been sharing tracks that will be part of the LP. The first one of them was “don’t wanna be your friend” back in October, before we knew it’d be part of the project. Then, in November, we got “flowers,” and now, we have the uplifting “nervous.”

“Nervous” Takes Us Back To High School

“Nervous” is a track that follows joan’s aesthetic. It has soft sounds and relaxing vocals, but, in the end, they turn up the energy to the max to finish up strong – something that is unusual to see in their music. But don’t worry – it’s an amazing surprise!

The song brings us back all the way to high school. Joan sings about feeling like a teenager when the pair is around a new person they like, and not even being able to breathe. “Feel like I’m in high school, tripping over my shoes. Starting to sweat, now I’m checking my breath. I don’t know if you notice, you’re my singular focus. So stuck in my head, I wish I cared less,” they sing.

“We wrote this song with the lovely Emily Falvey of Nashville and Jonathan Capeci from Nightly,” joan shared. “The second we all walked into the room together there was immediate chemistry between us. We wanted to get as close to the emotion of a sort of school like love story, where you constantly want to be around them but you also literally feel like you’re going to throw up because you’re so… nervous (wink), and you don’t want to say the wrong thing around them. it’s such a cool and distinct feeling, we hope this song takes you back to that place.”

The ‘Superglue’ Tour Starts In May!

Along with the new release, joan announced that they’re hitting the road this spring across the United States for the superglue tour. As you might have guessed from the tour’s name, the duo will be performing the new tracks from their new album, which will be released prior to the tour’s start. Check out all the dates below! To get your tickets, visit

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