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Imagine Dragons Celebrate 10 Years of “Night Visions”

On September 9th, Imagine Dragons will celebrate the 10th anniversary since the release of “Night Visions,” the album that made them famous. In honour of the anniversary, the band will release an expanded edition of the album.

Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons live at Santiago De Compostela, Spain.
Picture taken by Xavi Martín

“In a little over a month we’ll be celebrating 10 years since the album that changed our lives,” wrote the band on their Instagram profile.

Night Visions cover

Imagine Dragons

The band also mentioned their gratitude towards the artist who worked on the cover, Evgenij Soloviev. In fact, the artist recreated a new version of the “Night Visions” anniversary.

“We were grateful to have the original Night Visions album cover artist @duzhd back to give a new perspective on the art all this time later.”

The new work of art presents lighter and brighter colours on the same theme of the old one. The central figure of a child, standing still on a rocky surface immerse in clouds, is still the focus of the cover.

The celebration of the anniversary

To celebrate the anniversary of the album that made them globally famous, the band will release an expanded edition. Moreover, it is also possible to post one’s best old band memories from the last decade. Share them at and use #NightVisions10 to be chosen! What a great gesture to their fans! The band will put them up on the official website and pick one or two for a @dragonwagon (the official anniversary account) post as well.

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Night Visions

It was 2012 when “Night Visions” came out, pushing to the top one of the most influential bands. In fact, the band sits in the Top 20 of the most listened to bands, even coming in at number 15 on Spotify.

However, when the band formed in Las Vegas, NV, in 2008, they could not expect to reach this level. With singles like Radioactive, It’s Time and Demons, Imagine Dragons introduced a new, unique sound that made them worldwide recognisable. The strong, rhythmic drums are the core of the band’s music together with strong vocals from the lead singer Dan Reynolds. Just like the subsequent Believer.

These songs can now even be considered as classics. In fact, it’s rare to find someone who’s never heard of hits like Thunder or Whatever It Takes, Some songs can even be compared to We Will Rock You for the strength and power they bring: an example is the forceful Believer. Songs like Birds and the previous-mentioned Demons are now some of the most famous ballads around as well.

World Tours

Imagine Dragons began touring in North America in 2012. After the release and success of “Night Vision,” the band started creating their fame outside of America. 2013-2014 Night Visions Tour was the one that helped creating their fame for not only being great songwriters but incredible performers as well. The band then left for two more tours, 2015–2016 Smoke + Mirrors Tour and 2017–2019 Evolve World Tour.

After the release of their latest album, 2022 Mercury, which also include the latest singles Bones and Sharks, the band is about to start a new adventure until the end of 2023.

Don’t lose the chance to see Imagine Dragons live. Find your ticket for the Mercury World Tour here.

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