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An Overview of The Technicolors

As I live and breathe, I become more and more enthralled by new bloods or the underground. The latest of which is the alternative pop-rock band, The Technicolors. Now, if you’ve read some of my older things, you’d know that this genre is one of, if not my favorite. So when I tell you that I was pleasantly surprised to find something that sounds both familiar and new, I’m not lying. After listening to their 2021 album “Cinema Sublimina,” it’s safe for me to say it’s a crime they’re not household names yet! 



The Beginnings: 

The Technicolors started off in Phoenix, Arizona. Originally formed by Brennan Smiley, the 22-year old grew up playing on records his dad would produce. While he initially wanted to become a session musician, that of course didn’t happen. Which, very quickly, for those who don’t know what a session musician is; it’s basically a backing musician for recordings. Brennan was basically thrusted into the spotlight after producing the debut album: Listener. After basically making the band, it’s been about ten years since then. So, where are we now? 

The Technicolors and Cinema Sublimina: 

The Technicolors open their 2021 album with a sound similar to Arctic Monkeys. That said, they take it their own way as quickly as you could identify it. From that point on, there’s nothing like it. The incredible composition and smooth vocals is just so much fun! There’s such an intensity and at the same time, a softness. There’s no better example than “DJ in Brazil” and “Human Form.” Below, you’ll see a video of the latter, as it’s just so nice to my ears. I can’t stress enough how good the music is. I love it and I highly recommend a full listen to the album. 



Where are they now? Well, they’ve wrapped up a tour and there isn’t really anything else going on. However, it’s my hope to have shared with you something you never would’ve guessed you’d like. Want more on The Technicolors? Great! They’re music is completely on Spotify. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.  

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