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Hayley Kiyoko Releases The Summer Bop, “for the girls”

Hayley Kiyoko releases the summery queer anthem “for the girls,” the third single off her sophomore album, Panorama, out July 29. Following the project’s release, she will begin a summer tour with Lauv.

Hayley Kiyoko releases the summery anthem, "for the girls,"  the third single off her sophomore album, Panorama, out July 29. Following the project's release, she will begin a summer tour with Lauv. Teen Vogue cover shoot. June 2022.
Ally Green / Teen Vogue / Condé Nast

Teen Vogue Cover Shoot

The actress-turned-singer is the June cover star for Teen Vogue. She talked with K-CI Williams in an interview about her personal life, certain career moves, and her upcoming album, Panorama. In the interview, she shares her 4-year relationship with Becca Tilley, ex-Bachelor contestant, who made a last-minute cameo in the Bachelorette-themed “for the girls” music video. Kiyoko also says her relationship has inspired many parts of the new album, saying “everything connects.”

“Music has always been my love and storytelling has always been my wife” (excerpt from Teen Vogue).

The lesbian singer always feared being labeled solely for her sexuality and not her music. But after releasing queer bops like “Girls Like Girls” and “What I Need” [(feat. Kehlani) from her debut album, Expectations], she became a “lesbian Jesus” for many confused, queer teenagers. Evidentially, it helped her find her voice, too.

“When you put your heart and soul into your art, your art will always speak for itself” (excerpt from Teen Vogue).

Kiyoko’s sophomore album, Panorama (out July 29), will have 13 tracks, with one featured collaboration with Johnny Rain. After many physical and emotional setbacks, including a head injury in 2016, she is ready to own where she is in life.

“This album is filled with self-failure and heartbreak and finding love and fighting to keep it and all of these things I have yet to share” (excerpt from Teen Vogue).

“for the girls” by Hayley Kiyoko

The 31-year-old’s “for the girls” is an easy, breezy guitar-driven track that is summer ready. The chorus has a distinct pop flare as the singer has energetic adlibs and reverb. But the guitar also picks up.

With Becca Tilley, Kiyoko’s long-term girlfriend, making a surprise music video cameo, this Bachelorette-themed music video will be all the gay love you need. Compared to her previous songs, her lyrics are explicitly daring and something to watch out for on the new album, Panorama. On the pre-chorus, she sings, “Way it hits on your tongue / Don’t you wish you could come undone? / Take a dip, join the fun / Just as long as you know that.”


What do you think of Hayley Kiyoko’s queer summer anthem, “for the girls”? Let us know in the comments!

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