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Halsey Releases Solo Rendition of Post Malone Collab, “Die 4 Me”

Singer and song-writer Ashley Frangipane, better known as Halsey, has released her first single of 2023. And it may sound familiar to some fans.

4 Years in the Making

Finally, the long-awaited Halsey single, “Die 4 Me,” has dropped on February 24th. In a solo rendition from their collaboration with Post Malone and Future, Halsey has taken her verse in the song and built her own angsty, raw version. Post Malone recruited Halsey back in 2019 to feature on his Hollywood’s Bleeding album, but her short verse left fans yearning for more.

Cover image of Halsey's new single, "Die 4 Me."

“For Me” Versus “4 Me”

The feminine twist to Posty’s “Die For Me” is poignant and mature in comparison to the original. Halsey’s raw vocals, paired with the tempo create an angry, vengeful breakup anthem. The two songs may closely align lyrically, but the delivery slightly differs. The 2019 version hosts an undertone of venom, especially in Halsey’s verse. However, 4 years later, the tone is slightly more subdued. She is healed from the sands of time. However, this does not dissipate the distaste woven into the verse. Especially in the subtle change from one particular line.

“I sold fifteen million copies of our break-up note”

This line references the relationship Halsey had with rapper G-Eazy and the song that came from the rubble of their relationship, “Without Me.” The relationship clearly ended on bad terms, which is apparent from the lyrics from both G-Eazy and Halsey’s songs. “Die 4 Me” is no different. Years later, Halsey changed the lyric above from fifteen million copies to forty million, subtly referring to her continued success for “Without Me,” beyond the singers’ relationship. Rather than letting anger consume her, Halsey’s new single represents her independence and success without the need for a relationship.

One week prior to “Die 4 Me” releasing, Halsey broke the news in an Instagram post. “It’s been long known in my fanbase that there’s a demo of ‘Die For Me’ with just me on it. I performed my verse on the tour all summer long and since so many people have asked for it, I’ve decided to put my full version out as ‘Die 4 Me,'” read the caption. They later go on to thank Post Malone and Future, as well as producer Louis Bell for having them on the original track and green-lighting this solo version.

Halsey has also released a music video to go along with the single. Check out the video down below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Jay Shull
Jay Shull
1 year ago

Its nice that Post Malone and Future continue to support her, often when there is a break out the others get jealous.