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SUGA Announces First Solo World Tour for This April

SUGA, BTS rapper and South Korean solo artist, is going on his first solo world tour this April for his musical alter ego, Agust D.

SUGA’s Agust D World Tour

Min Yoongi, better known as BTS’ SUGA, has announced his first solo world tour! He’ll be starting in California’s Belmont Park on April 26th. Then, he’ll spend about a month in the U.S. before heading to Jakarta in Indonesia on May 26th. He’ll then go to Bangkok and Singapore before saying hello to Seoul on June 24th. SUGA has plans to tour Japan afterwards, but dates and venues have yet to be released.

Check out SUGA’s Instagram post with all the venues and dates of the tour so far.

Who Is Agust D?

Agust D is SUGA’s musical alter ego. SUGA explained at the creation of his alter ego what the name actually means. The “Agus” is SUGA backwards, and the “t D” represents the fact that his hometown is commonly known as Daegu Town in South Korea. Thus, Agust D represents the more personal, singular, individual side of Min Yoongi; whereas SUGA represents the Min Yoongi who is a part of the BTS.

In 2016, he released his first solo mixtape under the name of Agust D. The mixtape is entitled Agust D. With this album, he introduced his solo self to the world. He leaned hard into his musical roots of rap, while also displaying his more current musical taste. Songs like “Agust D” blew listeners and fans away due to SUGA’s incredibly fast rapping.

Then, in 2020, he released D-2, the continuation of Agust D. D-2 was his second mixtape and definitely showcased his musical evolution and skills. For example, “Interlude: Set Me Free” showcases his singing. With this song, fans are able to see how his vocal technique has grown throughout the years.

Fans clearly have a lot to look forward to with the Agust D tour. Make sure to check in as more information is released!

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