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Flowerovlove Shares Magical Single “Love You”

Rising English singer-songwriter Flowerovlove released her new single “Love You,” her first track of the year.

This is the Year of Flowerovlove

Joyce Cisse – better known as Flowerovlove – wants to make 2023 her year. Just at the end of last year, in November, the rising alt-pop artist released her sophomore EP A Mosh Pit In The Clouds, which was a quick follow-up to her 2021 debut EP Think Flower. She is demonstrating that even though she is only 17 years old and still in high school, her passion for music is big enough to not let that stop her from creating new tunes.

She Wrote “Love You” With Her Brother

“Love You” is a marvelous track that Flowerovlove wrote with her brother about universal love. It perfectly landed just days before Valentine’s Day, making this the perfect song to dedicate to anyone you want to show your appreciation for. Plus, thanks to the relaxing background of drums and electric guitar, the song is soothing, slow-paced, and magnetic. “Know it’s complicated. Hold my breath. Won’t you help me take my steps? Thinking of everything that you said…Love you. And I’ll always love you forever,” are some of the lyrics.

“‘Love You’ is an incredibly magical song I wrote with my brother,” Flowerovlove says. “The song is about universal love, all inclusive love. This is a love song that can be sung about anyone – your mum, your dog, your best friend or even your grandmother! Within the theme of love Valentine’s Day came to my mind as the song celebrates love, so releasing it close to Valentine’s Day is perfect! I want everyone to feel nostalgia from love you and to be able to connect it to a loved one.”

She’s Already Performing at Live Shows!

Flowerovlove is playing some shows this year. She just played two sold-out shows in Paris and London this February, and is playing another concert in Milan this Friday. It’s gearing up to be a great year for her! Hopefully, she keeps playing other gigs throughout the year. 

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