Greyson Chance is Back With Mini-Album “Trophies”

Greyson Chance is back with a new project. The mini-album Trophies features eight songs that are good for every mood.

Earlier this year, Greyson made his official debut to a new era with the release of “Holy Feeling.” A couple of months later, he continued the celebration by releasing “Hellboy,” which took a completely different turn from the previous single. Nonetheless, Greyson was sure to stay true to himself and the vibe of the Trophies era.

Breaking Down The Tracks in Trophies

Trophies includes a total of eight solo songs, including the ones mentioned above. The six new songs that premiered alongside the release of the new project all show how much Greyson is in love, which he has been open about since the beginning of his new relationship. The mini-album also includes an interlude, “Same People.”

“Nobody” is a total pop sensation – personally, my favorite in the mini-album. “Your hands like the way they feel all over me. Quicksand, pull me under, I don’t need to breathe. Every night, you get it right. Nobody knows my body like you,” Greyson expresses in the chorus. It is definitely one of the most upbeat tracks in Trophies, right after “Hellboy.”

“Hands” and “Clothes” both follow the same path, with both of them being slower tempo ballads. “High Waisted” and “O Violet,” on the other hand, have more of a chill but dance style, which is one of Greyson’s stamps. 

Greyson Explains The Album’s Inspiration

“It was, by far, probably the hardest record that I’ve put together,” the 23-year-old tells People about Trophies and the pandemic. “Last year was just really, really challenging. It was tough for me because not only did the pandemic bring its own stresses and its own anxieties, but it was also just such a lifestyle change of living on an airplane in 2019.”

He added, “My boyfriend [Ben] was a large inspiration of this body of work, but it was also too just falling in love again and feeling all of these emotions come forth again. But with that came a lot of fear. I wrote about that a lot on the EP. If you listen to the record top to bottom, you just see me swirl in and out of, not only being in a relationship again but trying to find my confidence and my voice.” It’s very personal; very vulnerable to me. And I think it’s a really good continuation from my last album, Portraits.”

Listen to Greyson Chance’s latest project Trophies and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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