“Bad Habits” is Ed Sheeran’s Newest Bop

Ed Sheeran returned with his newest track “Bad Habits,” and it’s truly a banger.

In “Bad Habits,” Ed Sheeran reflects on past habits of constant drinking; and late-night partying and what these actions tend to lead to. Ed’s intentions are pure at the start, but the night brings out a different side of him that garners darker results. The vampire costume seen in the music video reflects the dark side of him and displays the “bad habits” he carries with himself.

Ed Sheeran Takes a Different Route on “Bad Habits”

The song has a totally different sound than what Sheeran has done in the past, but we are loving it. “Bad Habits” is said to be the lead single off Sheeran’s forthcoming album; which it’s release date still has to be announced. The song marks Sheeran’s first official release since his 2019 No. 6 Collaborations project with songs like “I Don’t Care” featuring Justin Bieber, “Beautiful People” with Khalid, and “Blow” with Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton. It also follows up last year’s “Afterglow.”

Sheeran told Etalk that his new single is “basically new sounds” but shared that his album “isn’t really” like the single. “This is the first single off the album. When I did “Sing” off X and then “Shape of You” off ÷; it was always like you kind of put out a song you don’t really know how people are going to take it. I know that my fanbase when “Shape of You” came out were like, ‘What’s this! This isn’t the Ed we know’. But if you don’t take left turns every now and then you never progress,” he said.

Before the new single came out, Sheeran explained, “The song is called ‘Bad Habits’. I feel like most bad habits come out when the sun goes down on a Friday night. You start off with one beer and then it goes to another beer and then tequilas and then smoking and then you go to a fast-food restaurant. It just kind of goes on and on and on. So I thought for the music video I’d want to do something within the vein of bad habits. I feel when the sun goes down, vampires come out.”

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