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The Backseat Lovers Announce November Tour

The Backseat Lovers Announce November Tour

The Backseat Lovers Announce November Tour

Indie Rock band The Backseat Lovers announced a November Tour where they will perform their new album Waiting To Spill. The band will perform the entire album out October 28th front to back live for fans. From November 7th through the 23rd the four man group will conquer Brooklyn NY, Atlanta GA, Austin, TX, and more. They will close the tour in their homeland of Salt Lake City, Utah. The Backseat Lovers are one of the top Rock groups of 2022. Surely, they will bring a unique live experience that you don’t want to miss!

“Close Your Eyes”

Recently, The Backseat Lovers released a new single this month called “Close Your Eyes” from their upcoming album. The rock tune details the fear of getting older, growing pains and grief. When I wake up/And the dream is over/Packed away/My life moving slower/Oh, I’d hate to get any older” Secondly, “Growing/Dying” released in August, opens up about the group’s struggle with self growth, and feeling mentally drained and dull. Why does the plant on the windowsill reflect my state of mind?/Growing and dying all the time” Time keeps moving as the light in life is continuously getting dimmer. The band writes about the idea of growing and dying at the same time.These themes will be explored more in depth on Waiting To Spill. The Backseat Lovers approach the genre of Rock with vulnerable songwriting and a unique sound. 

The Backseat Lovers Bio And Rise To Fame

To conclude, “Pool House” band is composed of lead vocalist and guitar players Josh Harmon, Jonas Swanson, bass player Ethan Christensen, and Juice Welch on the drums. Their debut album When We Were Friends” has earned a whopping 370 million streams and scored a Top 20 alternative hit with “Kilby Girl.” The smash hit spent five weeks in the U.S. Spotify top songs chart. The Backseat Lovers will perform their newest hits from Waiting to Spill for a live experience

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