December 01, 2022
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Greyson Chance Returns With “Palladium”


Singer-songwriter Greyson Chance released his first single in a year, “Palladium.”

Greyson Chance is Making the Music He Loves

Greyson Chance is back and ready for a new era. Last year, he released his mini-album Trophies, which included 8 songs featuring “Holy Feeling” and “Hellboy”. Now, he’s back and is making sure that the new music sounds just the way he wants it to.

Trophies featured more upbeat tracks, but also some ballads. “Palladium” is a piano-driven ballad that is very personal for Greyson, and we can feel the emotions from the moment the song starts playing. 

He Protects His Creativity on “Palladium”

In “Palladium,” Greyson expresses feeling vulnerable and trying his best to protect what matters to him the most. His vocals pop out in this song, letting us hear clearly how he’s feeling. “I just wanna try to protect you. Like your skin protects your blood. I just wanna keep you safe. The way the forest keeps her young. And if I ever let you go. Then my whole kingdom’s done. I hold to your heart like it’s palladium,” he sings in the chorus.

“The song is inspired by an ancient Greek myth I had researched when I was in college studying archaeology,” Greyson says. “When I was writing the lyric, I thought of how the myth relayed back to my own life. ‘Palladium’ is about protecting the most sacred parts of yourself, which in this case, is my creativity as an artist. Throughout my entire career, I have been told what my music should sound like. And with this song and this album, I cut out all of that noise.

“Palladium” is the lead single off Greyson’s untitled forthcoming album, so we can’t wait to hear more music soon. He also returned to live shows recently, and is heading over to the UK and Europe this July. Some of the cities he will be playing at include London, Madrid, Berlin, and Paris, from July 7-16. For the full list of dates and to get your tickets, visit



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