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Jaguar Jonze is Not Afraid to “CUT” You Off

Alternative-rock rising star Jaguar Jonze released her latest single “CUT” last week, kicking off the new year with new music.

Jaguar is Energetic on “CUT” 

“CUT” talks about having a toxic person in your life who you know is not good for you, but you still have them around. In this song, Jaguar realizes that she doesn’t need this person anymore and is ready to “cut” them from their life. 

“Cash or credit for your time. So entitled, it’s a sign. It’s no wonder you have no friends left to blame. Breaking all the hearts like glass. Taking more than just your half. You won’t ever try to make a change…You’re socio-pathetic and I’m gonna have to cut,” she sings in the energetic song.

“‘CUT’ is the anger behind realizing that people you trusted professionally have been gaslighting you and manipulating your reality – constantly taking from you in a one-way transaction,” Jaguar says. “Once I realized what was happening, it was a long journey of breaking free from those environments and, more importantly, understanding that what happened had nothing to do with me. It spawned from their deep insecurity and greediness. I was then able to deprogram myself – I wanted nothing but to CUT, get out, and take back control.”

She Self-Produced the Music Video

After just debuting in the music world in 2018, Deena Lynch – best known as Jaguar Jonze – is making a statement through her music. The Japanese-Australian musician is not afraid to show her personality through her lyrics and music videos, and we can clearly see that on “CUT.”

“CUT” comes accompanied by a mighty music video that was directed, edited, and produced all by Jaguar herself. The song arrives as the follow-up to “WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING?” and last year’s 5-song EP ANTIHERO, with tracks like “ASTRONAUT” AND “TESSELLATIONS.”

If you like this song, check out alt-J’s latest single “Hard Drive Gold.”

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