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Goldpark Share New Single “I Guess It’s Never Enough”

Indie-rock trio Goldpark returns with their new single, “I Guess It’s Never Enough,” after a year of touring the United States. With singles “Covered in Sunshine,” “Lady Lightyear” and “I Guess It’s Never Enough” is another catchy rock tune that oozes rock & roll attitude.

 Indie-rock trio Goldpark return with their new single, “I Guess It’s Never Enough" adding onto their string of singles after a year of touring the US.
Photo Credit: Kara Sheridan

“I Guess It’s Never Enough” by Goldpark

Atop grooving instrumentation, Wes’ euphoric vocals deliver lyrics about rising above gossip and betrayal. “No one likes to be talked about. Especially when it’s all lies,” Wes writes. This catchy indie tune captures the group’s grit in performance and care-free nature in production and production.

Music Discovery Highlight: Who is Goldpark?

Today, Music Daily’s Discovery Highlight centers around getting to know Goldpark and their music a bit more! With a wide array of influences like The Killers, U2, Coldplay, or even the early 2000s sub-genre of British rock pop — these rockers evoke all the best into their music. Goldpark consists of the vocalist Wes Hunter, Andrew Smith on guitar, and Kyle Neblett playing the drums.

Recent releases like “Covered in Sunshine” and “Lady Lightyear” is off their forthcoming EP, which they hinted is artistically evolved compared to August 2021’s “Goldpark One” debut EP. With Naluda Magazine, the group discusses “Covered in Sunshine,” saying “… [it] is mostly about the tension we all feel to be online constantly. That tends to be the cause of most of our mental troubles these days. The power of stepping outside and feeling the warmth of the sun is underrated.”

And without a doubt, the EP’s lead single, “Lady Lightyear,” is the Goldpark’s more pop-sounding record (with soft rock influences). Instead of grabbing The Weeknd‘s synths from After Hours, it sounds a part of the “Back To The Future II” soundtrack. The franchise’s sequel is the only correct answer that fits the song’s space adventure aesthetic. Describing the song to Naluda Magazine was all the more reason to love it more: “Lady Lightyear” is an intergalactic love story about a man who believes he has encountered a woman from the cosmos.”

Regarding the upcoming new collection of songs, Goldpark  said, “[This EP] is special for so many reasons. We had the right songs, the right producer, and the right spirit. This body of work is the best representation of who we are and where we are going. We hope this EP makes people smile.”

What do you think of Goldpark’s recent easy-going single, “I Guess It’s Never Enough”? Let us know in the comments!

Listen to “I Guess It’s Never Enough” on all streaming platforms NOW!

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