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Gayle releases “abcdefu” and It is TikTok’s New Favourite Song

TikTok did it again: artist Gayle’s abcdefu turned into a radio-loved single. The song, released by Atlantic Records, is currently first in the Top 50- Global and third in the Top Songs- Global on Spotify. Not to miss mentioning the Billboard Global 200 where abcdefu rocks at the number 3. And it’s only the beginning for Gayle’s debut single!

A trend on TikTok , where users let off steam and lip-sync to the rhythm of the song, is what made the song viral. Gayle was shocked at the popularity of her single. In fact, she also posted a video of herself in a car while listening for the first time to her song on the radio.

abcdefu Official Music Video

After the song became viral, Gayle released the lyrics video of the song. In the video, the artist and her friend allegedly go to the singer / song-writers’ ex’s house. There are scenes where they have fun in the rooms of the house. Moreover, the video contains clips from the friends in a car singing and dancing to the beat of the song.

Gayle has also released the song in an acoustic version. In the video, the artist sings and plays the guitar showing an incredible talent that doesn’t need no autotune.

TikTok and the future of music

abcdefu it not the first single to turn into gold through a TikTok trend. In fact, multiple times users turned an unknown or forgotten pieces into a viral success. Olivia Rodrigo’s Driver’s Licence, Doja Cat’s Say So, Millie B’s M to the B and Sadie Jean’s WYD Now? are just some of the examples of songs that earned popularity through the app. And with their songs, the artists get fame as well!

It’s interesting to watch how TikTok may be giving space to all the young artists that otherwise wouldn’t have any. While a few years ago artists had to hope for contracts with record companies to be noticed, today it seems that the future of music lies in social networks. In fact, appearances on talk shows, radios, charts and billboards seem to be replaced – in the promotional aspect – by short videos on social sharing platforms.

Is TikTok the future of the music industry? Let us know your opinion the comments!

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