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Featured Artist: There’s More to BTS’ SUGA Than Meets the Eye

BTS’ SUGA is not just a rapper, songwriter and Kpop idol, he's also a producer. Check out some of the production highlights in his music career with us below.

SUGA’s Song Production Chops

Min Yoongi, better known as SUGA or Agust D, is more than just a gummy smile and a fierce rap style. He’s been making songs since he was 13 years old. Now, the global icon has produced over 55 songs, which is quite impressive considering he only turned 30 this year. Unfortunately, he’s currently fulfilling his mandatory military service and won’t be back to his music until 2025.

However, fans will not be starving for content while he’s away. He just recently wrapped up his first solo world tour this summer. The tour was for his music under the moniker Agust D, the stage name he uses for his solo work. He later released a concert film for the tour, SUGA: Road to D-Day. When the movie came out, it premiered in theaters worldwide. Currently, the film is available to stream on Disney+.

Additionally, SUGA has participated in not only the execution of songs, with his rapping and singing, but also the creation of songs, with his songwriting and producing. He’s taken part in the production of countless BTS songs. He’s also produced the majority of his Agust D songs, having produced all the songs in Agust D and most of the songs in D-2 and D-DAY.

Notably, SUGA has worked with several other artists and produced songs for them. Let’s break down and appreciate his hard work and talent as a producer.


SUGA has both collaborated with and produced songs for several international artists. Usually, a collaboration often led to him producing a song or two for an artist.

In 2016, for his debut solo mixtape, Agust D, the idol had South Korean singer Suran featured on the track “So Far Away.” Within the next year, according to Naver News, Suran and SUGA continued to stay in touch, swapping music opinions.

Eventually, SUGA sent Suran a few different track drafts, saying he was working on a song for her. As a result, he ended up producing her song “WINE (Feat. Changmo).” The song became her first chart-topper. Suran also won two awards for the song at the 2017 Melon Music Awards: Best R&B/Soul Award and the Hot Trend Award.


2019, however, really kicked off SUGA’s international collaborations. After producing “Eternal Sunshine” for Korean hip-hop group Epik High and “We don’t talk together (feat. GIRIBOY)” for South Korean singer and rapper HEIZE, the BTS member released a collaboration with U.S. artist Halsey. “SUGA’s Interlude,” featured on Halsey’s album Manic, is not only produced by SUGA, but also features his rapping.

This song may have been the first in SUGA and Halsey collaborative relationship, but it was not the last. Just this past June, the rapper was featured on the remix “Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem).”

It’s clear Halsey and the BTS boys all have mutual respect for one another, so it’s likely that another collaboration will grace the fans’ ears in the future.


In 2020, SUGA co-wrote, co-produced and was featured on Kpop queen IU’s “eight.” Then, this year, for his Agust D mixtape D-DAY, SUGA invited her to feature on his track “People Pt. 2.” The song is a continuation of “People,” a track from the Agust D mixtape D-2.


In 2021, SUGA produced “You” for the Japanese singer and actor Hiroomi Tosaka, also known as ØMI.


In both 2021 and 2022, SUGA produced the annual versions of “Over the Horizon.” “Over the Horizon” is the trademark sound for all Samsung devices. Many artists, such as Quincy Jones, Yiruma and Icona Pop, have covered, remixed, arranged and produced classic Samsung sounds. In those two years, SUGA added his name to that list twice.

According to Samsung, he is the first artist to make “Over the Horizon” his own for two yearly editions.


For his own company, SUGA produced the original soundtrack for the mobile game BTS Island: In the Seom. The soundtrack, titled “Our Island,” is perfectly calm and relaxing for the casual puzzle game.


Last year, “That That” was one of the hit songs of the summer. Co-written and co-produced by PSY and SUGA, the song earned many accolades, including high chart placements, places on best Kpop song of 2022 lists, and three MAMA Awards.

All this to say that, though SUGA has now enlisted in his mandatory military service, there are plenty of songs that he’s had a big role in the creation of for ARMYs to busy themselves with while they wait for 2025.

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