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Agust D Drops New Solo Album “D-DAY”

Agust D, also known as BTS’ SUGA, has just dropped his newest solo album, D-DAY.

Agust D’s Beginnings

BTS’ SUGA, born Min Yoongi, created another moniker for himself in 2016—Agust D. With his first solo album, Agust D, the artist showcased his fast rapping and the many ways to diss haters.

In 2020, the artist released his second solo album, D-2. D-2 saw him still leaning into rapping and dissing haters. However, it also saw him exploring other musical sides of himself, such as with slower songs like “Interlude: Set Me Free.” In the song, Agust D sings with slow instrumentals.

“D-DAY” is Now

Now, D-DAY definitely seems to be another level of what Agust D has done so far. With plenty of colorful diss tracks for haters and hard, fast lyrics, the hardcore rapper in him will never be squelched.

agust d "people pt. 2"
Image Source: HYBE Labels

Interestingly, songs on the album such as “People Pt. 2 (feat. IU),” which was previously released as a single earlier this month, and “SDL” have hints of that old-school BTS feel. Old-school BTS was heavily inspired by mixes of R&B and old-school hip hop.

Aside from going back to some of his roots, Agust D did several collaborations on this album as well. He collaborated with IU on “People Pt. 2.” This is not the first time the two have worked together. Back in 2020, IU had a song—“Eight”—which featured SUGA rapping on the track. Fans are thrilled they seem to enjoy making music together.

Additionally, the artist collaborated with WOOSUNG from The Roseand Ryuichi Sakamoto. The three artists made the song “Snooze.”

Finally, Agust D collaborated with his fellow BTS member and close friend j-hope. j-hope was featured on the rap and hip-hop track “HUH?!”

Check out the music videos for “Haegeum” and “People Pt. 2 (feat. IU)” below.

Listen to the entirety of D-DAY below.

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