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P!nk, Sting and Marshmello Join Forces For Unforeseen Collaboration ‘Dreaming’


Singer-songwriter P!nk is back after her February album TRUSTFALL with “Dreaming” featuring Sting and Marshmello, released today (October 20). The collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Marshmello and genre-defying musician Sting will appear on the TRUSTFALL (Tour Deluxe Edition) out on December 1, 2023. Although from different worlds, the trio finds common ground on “Dreaming.”

Singer-songwriter P!nk is back after her February album Trustfall with the track “Dreaming” featuring Sting and Marshmello released today (October 20.)

The “So What” musician took to her social media accounts last week to announce the deluxe edition of her ninth studio album.

“TRUSTFALL DELUXE! Featuring 2 exclusive, unheard tracks plus some of my favorite live performances from the 2023 #SummerCarnivalTour is all yours on 12/1 🎉 I can’t wait for you to experience them!! Pre-save link in bio.”


Furthermore, TRUSTFALL explores trying times in P!nk’s life, coping with loss, change and self-acceptance. But on a brighter note, P!nk finds someone to share her life with on “Dreaming.” P!nk and Sting are seeking a forever love to dance “as the world turns ‘round” under the starry sky. They are ready to give this person a lifelong commitment. However, Sting asks critical questions beginning with, “Would you stay with me? Would you be my love as the days get longer? / Would you follow me and never let me go?” He is unsure of the depths of this person’s loyalty.

On the other hand, P!nk proves that her loyalty will prevail until the end of time. “When it’s said and done, I’ll keep holdin’ on even in the silence / I can hear your voice through all of the noise, yeah, yeah,” P!nk utters on “Dreaming.” The duo sings together on the chorus, “Yeah, I keep dreamin’ / Dreamin’ ’til the sun comes out, hey / Stars are dancin’ / Dancin’ as the world turns ’round and ’round and ’round and ’round.”

A common theme of P!nk’s music is dancing and singing through hardships. She makes pop music about sentiment and hopefulness. In depth, the music is her guiding light as well as the listener’s, leading them over hurdles in life. “Dreaming” is a dopamine boost from three artists of different generations of music.

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