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Featured Artist Friday: The Continuous Evolution of Caroline Polachek

American indie pop artist Caroline Polachek is constantly evolving, and this time, she has revived a 2021 single—“Bunny Is A Rider.”

The Stages of Caroline Polachek

Caroline Polachek began her musical journey in 2008 when she formed the band Chairlift. After a few years of making music together, the band eventually went their separate ways.

At this point, Polachek wanted to find the sound that she could call her own. This led to her Danny L Harle. Her 2019 debut solo album, Pang, was made largely in collaboration with Harle.

Caroline Polachek’s sound has since developed and been described by fans and critics alike as avant-garde, alternative, art pop. Her classically trained vocals continue to wow and intrigue as she manipulates the sounds she creates.

Caroline Polachek Remixes An Old Favorite

Caroline Polachek has several remixes already in her discography. Each one puts a new spin on an older song. The remixes for “Bunny Is A Rider” are no different.

The two-year-old “Bunny Is A Rider” is calm, cool, and collected, with an eccentric twist. Its catchy whistle on the chorus and thumping bass in the background give it a unique sound. Released on July 14th back in 2021, the song has existed as a single for two years. However, that changed when Caroline Polachek released Desire, I Want To Turn Into You, her latest album, on which, “Bunny Is A Rider” is the third track.

To celebrate the song’s two-year anniversary, Polachek has dropped an EP of three different “Bunny Is A Rider” remixes, as well as the original version. In an Instagram post announcing the release, Polachek shared her brief thoughts on the excitement.

“Bunny took two laps round the sun & came back hotter than she has any right to be.”

Doss Remix

Caroline Polachek’s EP kicks off with the Doss Remix. The techno remix is full of vocal skips and vocal distortion, and generally sounds very different from original.

Sega Bodega ‘UKG’ Remix

Next is the Sega Bodega ‘UKG’ Remix. This song has the sound of retro electronic dance music. It’s full of fun electronic percussion, and is reminiscent of early 2000s production.

Nikki Nair ‘Satellite’ Remix

Finally, the Nikki Nair ‘Satellite’ Remix seems to stand out the most on Caroline Polachek’s EP. The remix’s electro, techno production, funky sounds, yet laidback feel all contribute to its overall unconventional sound. The song also has a longer, more noticeable electronic intro and outro.

A Summer of Festivals

Aside from the remixes, Caroline Polachek has been making her rounds across the globe, attending music festivals everywhere. She’s set to hit up many more, including the Fuji Rock Festival in Niigata, the Flow Festival in Finland, and the C2C Festival in Italy. Check out the full list of locations and dates here.

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