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MD Discovery: Kings Lovely

I’m sure some of you music-heads out there one day had conceived of joining or starting a band with your friends when you were younger. Well, on today’s MD Discovery, we check out one such up-and-coming band: Kings Lovely, a rock band composed entirely of high schoolers. Let’s check out this new, young group together!

Heavy Rock Roots

Based out of Austin, this group of four musicians already has demonstrated incredible talent. First coming together in a music camp in 2020, the group consists of high schoolers Jules (guitarist), Patrick (drummer), Noah (bassist), and Riley (vocalist). They have cited wanting to reinterpret music legends like Amy Winehouse, Blink 182, Bob Marley, and KISS. They’ve even used the chord progressions from Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” in their original song “Railroad.”

Undoubtedly, however, Kings Lovely’s Texan roots all stem from the Austin legend, like Van Wilks and world wide toured jazz guitarist Mark Whitfield, who Jules studied under. Grammy-winning artist Adrian Quesada (Black Pumas & Grupo Fantasma) plays not too far from the group’s own home at Friend’s Bar, where every visit is a monolith of a story ending in laughter. Additionally, Noah’s top local inspiration is Dayglo, a niche indie pick involving a one-man band from Fort Worth.

The New Texan Rock Band

Besides creating bumping rock tunes hailing back to the roots of rock, the teens have also demonstrated inspiring organization and passion for their work. They’ve performed in numerous gigs across Austin including the renowned ABGB, SpiderHouse, and the Valhalla Tavern. Despite all being teenagers with incredibly busy lives, they are all still able to set up their own website, perform impressive gigs, and release incredibly well-produced original music. 

Kings Lovely playing this year at Friends Bar in Austin, TX
Kings Lovely

And speaking of this original music, so far, Kings Lovely has released three original songs since 2022. These songs include the groovy “Railroad,” fast-paced “Work Will Set You Free,” and catchy “Falling Backwards.” In terms of musicality, this band has everything. Tight and steady drumplaying, sick guitar solos across all three songs, and grungy, lively singing. In particular, their track “Falling Backwards” even has a slap bass intro, which is always sick! The technical ability of this group is amazing, and the fact that the melodic and harmonic content of their music is already so dense and tight-knit, makes me (and should make you) super excited for their future! 

Check out Kings Lovely and support these young musicians by clicking here! Their current goals are to complete their work-in-progress debut album and push more original music to all streaming platforms, so definitely don’t miss out on that!

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