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What Is Going On With The Music In “Euphoria”?

B*tch, you better be joking, Judy Garland and Laura Les on Euphoria?

To say that HBO Max’s Euphoria is a thematical phenomenon would be an understatement at this point.  Between the show’s visuals, anxiety-inducing plot, and talented cast the internet and film critics alike can’t stop talking about it. In fact, six Emmy nominations are only a fraction of the awards the first season was nominated for.  Part of that hype has to do with the tastefully selected music throughout every inch of the show. On the first episode alone, a grand total of 29 songs made the cut – enough to keep you busy on Shazam for a whole episode finding these songs. So how is it that Judy Garland’s Come Rain Or Come Shine and Laura Les’s Haunted can both fit so perfectly into one Euphoria episode?

The woman behind Euphoria‘s music

A lot of it has to do with the show’s music supervisor Jen Malone.  As a music supervisor for not only Euphoria but other hit series like Yellowjackets and Atlanta, the music lover obviously knows what she is doing.  Part of why the music is so perfect in Euphoria is because Malone fits it so perfectly with the visuals and emotions in that particular scene.  In an interview with Vogue Malone says “Even the colors” like the blues and purples throughout the show “are a factor in a show’s musical identity.” It is fitting the feelings that exude from a scene with music that conjures up that same sentiment.  In the season one finale it was the original track with Zendaya and Labrinth, All For Us, that won the show an Emmy for doing just that.

Then, in season two the glamour of Judy Garland’s feature guided Maddy as she helped herself to a closet full of lovely gowns.  Not only does the music narrate a particular scene, but it also develops character storylines.  Twitter definitely picked up on this while Lexi paid Fez a visit in episode two. Playing in Lexi’s headphones while she rode her bike was Laura Les’ Haunted.  The track by the 100 gecs member hints at what to expect from Maude Apatow’s character, Lexi.  Between her relationship with Fez, directing the one and only Oklahoma! at Euphoria High, and now, streaming Laura Les we know Lexi is becoming that girl in season two.

Alexa Demie as Maddy in Euphoria trying on dresses

An Interscope Records partnership?

Even more exciting, is how the Sam Levinson created series is introducing original tracks from a variety of artists. Composer, producer, and singer, Labrinth has already created original scores for seasons 1 and 2 now.  However, with Euphoria‘s Interscope Records partnership, the series is introducing even more artists onto the Euphoria soundtrack. This includes the Lana Del Rey track featured at the end of episode three, Watercolor Eyes.  Malone says they have been working with the label to get a variety of “new, unreleased songs for the show.”  Along with Lana, artists like Tove Lo, Ericdoa, and James Blake are all currently a part of the Euphoria universe.  If you ask me, it is a genius move by the creators to outsource songs by artists whom the audience loves and listens to.

It really is just that good

Altogether, those behind Euphoria are on to something good.  Not only does the plot of the show capture those watching, but the music within it is exactly what the audience members are currently streaming.  However, it isn’t just capitalizing on a 20 somethings Spotify wrapped.  It’s a well-thought-out art of creating emotions through sound and picture.  That is just one reason why Euphoria is enticing so many people with its story.  Maybe we aren’t all drug and sex craved high schoolers, but we recognize taste when we see it.

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