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5 Seconds of Summer Start New Era With “COMPLETE MESS”

Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer released their latest single “COMPLETE MESS;” marking the start of a new music era.

5 Seconds of Summer Have Been Together For 10 Years

5 Seconds of Summer’s last studio album was 2020’s CALM. The project gave us amazing hits such as “No Shame,” “Easier,” “Teeth,” and “Wildflower” (my personal favorite). But they have since gone back, and are ready to share new music with their fans.

Back in December, they celebrated 10 years of being together as a band by releasing their anniversary single “2011” (standing for the year that marked their beginnings). Although that was the first hint of new music they shared since 2020, “COMPLETE MESS” is officially the first single off the band’s new era of music, and their yet-to-be-titled- upcoming album.

“COMPLETE MESS” is the First Song Entirely Written & Produced by the Band

“COMPLETE MESS”  is the first song that the band has entirely written and produced. Recorded at Rancho V in Joshua Tree, band member Michael Clifford’s own home studio, and Dragonfly Creek in Malibu, the song’s title actually references a fan-favorite t-shirt Luke Hemmings used to wear. But that’s something you could have never guessed! 

The song actually talks about the boys singing to someone that is not being too good to them anymore, and they sing about their need to move on with their lives. “Hang on to moments like they’ll never drift away. ‘Cause you’ll never get to say goodbye. I ask no questions as your colors take their hold. As my darkness turns to gold inside,” are some of the lyrics.

In a statement, the band’s Calum Hood explained of , “I think it’s one of the first true representations of the band at its most honest. We feel very uplifted by it. It’s a good song to be able to reconnect to our fans after such a long time of not releasing music.”

Luke Hemmings added, “Nothing was overthought while we were writing it. It felt right, it was the first thing that popped out of us. It came together very quickly and exemplified what each of us does best musically.”

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