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ericdoa Premieres “sad4whattt” for HBO’s “Euphoria”

ericdoa joins the ‘Euphoria’ universe

This season of HBO’s hit drama Euphoria has been consuming the internet with memes, reviews, and plenty of opinions.  The sex and drug-filled life of the high schoolers it follows has you on the edge of your seat throughout every episode.  Creator Sam Levin has no doubt tapped into what keeps 20-somethings everywhere hooked.  One reason behind the obsession is the perfectly curated music within each episode.  However, this season they are taking it up a notch by premiering songs exclusively for the show.  One of those artists is hyperpop’s own, ericdoa.Ericdoa

Already, the series has shown Euphoria original songs from names like Tove Lo and Lana Del Rey.  Additionally, producer, songwriter, and vocalist Labrinth made original scores for seasons 1 and 2.  Exciting, though, is a feature by a smaller artist like ericdoa.  The rapper, singer, and producer from Connecticut, started making noise with his music in 2019.  Since then, the artist has really made a name for himself within the hyperpop community, and now the audience of Euphoria.

A soundtrack for Nate Jacobs

The single is titled sad4whatt and is produced by a slew of producers big and small.  They include his ericdoa’s go-to Glasear, youngkimj, Fortune Swan, and popular electronic producer Wethan.  Altogether, the song is hard-hitting, bass-heavy, and sprinkled with glitch and banging hi-hats.  Subsequently, it was the perfect sound for Nate to arrive at Maddy’s party too.  Even more, it could easily be a soundtrack for how Nate operates in the series.  Check out the music video for the single below.

The inclusion of artists like ericdoa in Euphoria‘s musical universe comes from a partnership with Interscope Records.  Jen Malone, the music supervisor for the show, explained that the goal is to get new and unreleased songs just for the show.  It is a smart tactic by the creators to grab singles from artists that the audience already loves.  For ericdoa and sad4whattt, it is an opportunity to highlight smaller artists like him, who make music that is energetic and new.  Also, it’s music that the kids in Euphoria undoubtedly would listen to in real life.

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