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ericdoa and the Dead On Arrival Tour in Houston, Texas

We were able to snag tickets to ericdoa’s sold-out Dead On Arrival show in Houston in early February. Here’s our very own experience.

ericdoa’s Dead On Arrival Tour

The Bronze Peacock room of the House of Blues was packed to the brim on Saturday night, February 3rd. Between a comedy show downstairs and the DOA show upstairs, the air was saturated with excitement for the night ahead. The show was opened by bixby, a young and rising lo-fi star. With a short, 20-minute set, bixby took advantage of the short time he had on stage, reveling in the attention and maximizing crowd interaction. He’s definitely the picturesque example of a Gen-Z artist: his sound would perform well on TikTok, and captured the hearts of many girls in the crowd. And then, it was finally time for ericdoa.

When ericdoa finally took to the stage, the ground and walls were literally shaking with anticipation. Kicking off with my personal favorite, “kickstand,” followed by “dancinwithsomebawdy,” the night had officially begun. Despite the small room, Eric was larger than life on stage. He played through all of the crowd favorites. Unfortunately, he did skip out on his iconic Euphoria track, “sad4whattt.”

Admittedly, I was not much of a fan before attending the show. I’d heard Eric’s music in passing, and was eager to see what the hype was about after hearing he’d sold out his tour in multiple cities. But it didn’t take long to figure it out. ericdoa is electric. He’s got great music that keeps you moving on your feet at all times. Surrounded by die-hard fans singing every word, it became very clear that I’d been missing out on a musical gem for quite some time now.

ericdoa Dead On Arrival tour

The Dead On Arrival Tour is continuing through March, finishing off in Los Angeles on March 9th. Check out ericdoa’s website here to get tickets! You can listen to his music below:

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