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TEN From NCT Drops His First Mini Album: “TEN”

TEN’s Debut Mini Album

NCT’s TEN has just released his first solo mini album, TEN. The Thai K-pop idol has been a part of NCT for years. He’s debuted as a part of NCT, NCT U and WayV. Now, this debut marks his official solo career. Though he’s had solo releases before, (“Dream in a Dream,” “Paint Me Naked,” “Birthday”), those songs have been part of the SM STATION project. TEN is the artist’s very own solo debut, showcasing a diverse set of musical interests.

According to The Korea Herald, TEN spoke about his album at a Seoul press conference. “I’ve waited for this moment for so long. I put my own ideas, including the album concept, into this album after thorough and continuous discussion with the staff of my agency. So, I was able to enjoy every process of coming up with this solo album,” he said.

TEN 'TEN' mini album cover art.
TEN ‘TEN’ mini album cover art.

The artist continued, saying, “I tried to show different facets of myself by including songs of diverse genres in this album. Also, unlike Ten of NCT who has only done fancy and powerful performances, I wanted to present a simple but attractive performance as a soloist.”

Heartwarmingly, TEN mentioned how fellow solo artists Yunho of TVXQ and Taeyong of NCT gave him advice while he was preparing the album. “They said that I should do what I want. They told me to focus on making an album about myself. They did not tell me what to do but rather told me that I would be able to present a good album when I do what I want to do.”


The opening song, as well as the lead track, “Nightwalker,” is an electronic pop song with an accompanying music video that has many compelling, artistic, sinister vibes.

About “Nightwalker,” TEN said, “The lead track is an addictive pop song. It has a mystic yet charming melody and it’s about a seductive character who has the power to hypnotize people. That’s why the highlight dance move involves swaying my hand as if hypnotizing someone,” he said. “I tried to sing like acting when recording because, in the music video, you can see that I am a researcher working at a lab who turns into a monster when the clock hits midnight.”

TEN Review

After the opening song is “Water,” a Latin pop-inspired song that’s probably one of the catchiest songs on the album. Then, almost as earwormy as “Water” is “Dangerous.” The melodic pop song follows as the third song, with its hints of retro influences from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

“ON TEN” is next, and it’s a spooky, hip-hop song that, though decent, feels like it’s missing something. TEN stays on beat and, technique-wise, is adequate. Nevertheless, his lighter, higher voice doesn’t have the flavor to pull off a hip-hop song alone.

“Shadow” is a sad, dark pop song. The verses are great; TEN’s vocals are emotive and fitting. However, the weird, deep, gravelly voice saying “shadow” in every chorus is more distracting than adding anything. That voice pulls you out of the otherwise good flow of the song.

Finally, laidback pop song “Lie With You” serves as a great closing song. Chill and easy to listen to, the song is the most accessible, both commercially and to new listeners.

Overall, the self-titled mini album showcases a new side of TEN. Though there are some misses, the hits are more than playlist-worthy.

TEN 'TEN' mini album concept photo.
TEN ‘TEN’ mini album concept photo.

1001 Asia Fan-Con

To celebrate his debut mini album, TEN is embarking on a fan concert throughout parts of Asia. He’ll be in Seoul for February 16 and 17, then head to Bangkok for March 2 and 3. He’ll then spend a night in Hong Kong on March 9, before finishing off his concert tour in Jakarta on April 27.

For ticket information, visit Weverse’s official notice of 1001. Tell us if you plan to go to the 1001 fan concert. Let us know what you think of TEN’s new album.

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