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Dylan drops “Liar, Liar” featuring Bastille (British)

Revolutionary rock icon Dylan drops her single “Liar, Liar” featuring British pop rock band Bastille. In a fusion of times and genres, the song is an unmissable hit for all the rock fans who are looking for a reminiscent and nostalgic feeling while embracing the changing of times and trends.

Liar Liar

“Liar Liar” is a versatile, multi-genre hit that gently embraces a multitude of influences and times, from electronic sounds to the pop rock production. Dylan’s hit starts with an electronic intro giving a nod to the 2000/early 2010s electronic rock, highly inspired by bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Linkin Park.

The song also resembles the soft guitar’s intro of the nu metal of the late 90s/ early 2000, as well as the increase of energy building up to the chorus. The single stays however very contemporary and up to the trends, especially in the second half. “Liar Liar” immediately switches for a more electro pop and alt pop infused, high paced tone in the chorus, accompanied by her strong and highly melodic voice. The high paced drums last also in the second verse, where Bastille’s singer Dan Smith takes the lead. Yet again a decrease in rhythm creates the suspense that welcomes the new chorus.

Picture taken from Dylan’s official Instagram account. Shot by Daisy Lola @daisylolastudio

A surprising, but somewhat suspicious collaboration

The collaboration for the single saw Dylan collaborating with one of the most famous and defining bands of the 2010s, Bastille. The group, which has been around for over a decade, represented one of the biggest names in the past decade. With the pop-rock genre gracing the charts left and right, the group brought their contribution with hits like “Pompeii.” Embracing also a softer and more commercial tone for songs like “Happier” featuring Marshmello, the band never lost sight of their origins.

Dylan, who’s always had a rocky sound, perfectly matches the journey of the British band. The singer has also been supporting the British act in their recent tour, opening their events in multiple cities of the group’s home country, which makes the collaboration not so unpredictable. Moreover, Dylan’s rough and strong voice finds a perfect match in Smiths’ softer tone, creating a collaboration we can’t help but be happy about.

The singer is still out on the road performing her The Rebel Child Tour. Find the additional information you’re looking for and get your tickets for Dylan’s tour here!

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