ENHYPEN Enchant and Enthrall With Their “DARK BLOOD” EP

ENHYPEN are back again with a powerful comeback—and this time, they’re vampires.


Not that they weren’t already vampires. ENHYPEN’s main fictionalized storyline has crossed over multiple albums and even been told in a HYBE-original Webtoon comic, DARK MOON: THE BLOOD ALTAR. Through all their title song music videos, the boys have been vampires with special powers.

The K-pop group’s newest EP, DARK BLOOD, is filled with new sounds and looks that Engenes, ENHYPEN fans, have yet to see. As already stated, DARK BLOOD continues to explore their vampire storyline.

The album opens up with “Fate.” “Fate” follows the ENHYPEN tradition of beginning their albums with some narration and spoken word before transitioning into a short song. The title song, Bite Me,” is both sultry and hard-hitting. Several of the B-sides off the mini album, such as “Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)” and “Chaccone,” also have that more sensual, mature sound.

“Bills,” in contrast, has a fast rhythm, but a much more casual, chill vibe, while still fitting in the EP’s overall dark theme. Finally, DARK BLOOD ends with “Karma.” “Karma” is a pop-rock song that lets the boys cultivate their rock sound. Instead of booming bass or other electronic music elements, ENHYPEN sings with rock instrumentals on the track. They had already begun to do this with past songs like “Blockbuster feat. YEONJUN of TOMORROW X TOGETHER” and “Attention, please!”

According to the AKP STAFF at Allkpop, DARK BLOOD had 1,108,337 album sales on its first day. This set a new record for the boys.

The “Bite Me” Music Video

The music video for “Bite Me” dropped on May 22nd. Within a day, the YouTube video gained over 14 million views. On Spotify, after a day, “Bite Me” had over 2 million plays.

The “Bite Me” music video sees ENHYPEN exploring ruins looking poised and in control. These individual scenes are interspersed with exciting shots of the song’s choreography. While their formations and overall dancing are always impressive, the choreography for the chorus is particularly hypnotizing. The boys dance powerfully as just the seven of them before doing some intricate partnering with female background dancers.

Watch the music video below.

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