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Emotional Oranges, ‘Not Like This’: Searching for a Musical Identity

Dropped on 7/14, ‘Not Like This’ is the new single from Emotional Oranges. And if this name sounds familiar to you, well… you have a good memory. The LA pop duo was indeed on Music Daily’s pages already in November, when we were reviewing ‘Petty’. But for those who don’t know what we’re talking about, let us present what you’ve lost.

The Collabs

The Emotional Oranges are a band who’s been on the radar since their first appearances back in 2018 when they were coming out on SoundCloud with ‘Motion’. And even though they’re numbers are decent (not crazy), they have a solid community ready to support them in every way. Not to mention the collabs with some huge names: Vince Staples, Becky G, THEY; but also Drake and Adele as audio engineer and vocal coach. Have we made it interesting enough? If so, keep reading.

“Not Like This” is their latest drop and counts also on the presence of Grammy-nominated musician and producer ZHU. The new track has some chill vibes that perfectly harmonize a modern electro-pop production. Outstanding, as always, the chemistry between “A” and “V” (yes, their identities are hidden, so these are fictitious names).

What’s Next?

Not Like This’ doesn’t explore new musical boundaries, but instead follows a path that has characterized the discography of Emotional Oranges in this last year.

A sound research for that musical identity that many artists found only at the last stage of their career. 

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