Emotional Oranges, “Petty”: The Power Of Being Different

Emotional Oranges

“Petty” by the Emotional Oranges is the topic of our weekly appointment with Music Daily Discoveries. Composed by “A”, an audio engineer for Drake, and “V”, a vocal coach for Adele, the band is relatively new in the music business. Their first single “Motion,” was published on SoundCloud in May of 2018. They kept their identities secrets until now, mainly for artistic reasons. In a world where everyone wants to be celebrated, the Emotional Oranges take a different path. Choosing to come out with their songs without the necessity of being known and changing their lives.

A Hiddem Gem With Past Influences

With three albums published in under four years since the birth of the group, Emotional Oranges is probably the hidden gem you haven’t come across. Not just to say it, but they’re one of the most interesting musical phenomena in the modern panorama. With their ‘90s influences mixed with a contemporary R&B vibe, they’re able to range between all the genres. And not just the ones they’re more comfortable with. The esteem of some big names like Vince Staples, Becky G and THEY testify for it.

A lot of the stories of this couple derive from what Emotional Oranges want to take to the world. The anonymity is also something that makes people more curious and interested in their project. Music over the rest, and that’s what really matters. I don’t know if they will make it for real with their music, but I know for sure we’ll keep hearing about them. One way or another. 


“Petty” is a fusion between two voices in the name of alternative pop; it’s chill, relaxing, and different. It’s good, in a few words. Actually more than good. You can really listen to what Emotional Oranges mean by experimentation. If you’re interested in them, then another MUST of their discography you should listen to is “West Coast Love,” contained in the album The Juice: Vol. II (2019).

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