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On The Hollywood Walk of Fames Class of 2024

The celebrity class of 2024 of the Hollywood Walk of Fame was officially announced. All 31 stars were ratified by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors including their various talents. Chair of committee Ellen K told Billboard while announcing the names, “The committee did an amazing job choosing these very talented people. We can’t wait to see each honoree’s reaction as they realize that they are becoming a part of Hollywood’s history with the unveiling of their star on the world’s most famous walkway.”  

The red carpet at the Oscars is the holy ground of actors getting honest fashion remarks, and 2023 saw lots of off-the-runway designer wear.
Michelle Yeoh, official Instagram

Among the 31 people on the list, the most notable stars include Michelle Yeoh, Gwen Steffani, Chadwick Boseman, Dr. Dre, Def Leppard, Darius Rucker and Toni Braxton. Winners were also chosen within six formal categories including Motion Pictures, Television, Recording (Music), Live Theatre, Sports Entertainment and Radio. 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame dates back to 1953 when EM Stuart came up with the idea. According to the Walk of Fame site, Stuart wanted to “maintain the glory of a community whose names mean glamor and excitement in the four corners of the world”. He even appointed the committee that exists today that chooses those worthy of receiving a star.  The idea was also based on the ceiling of the historic Hollywood Hotel. One with stars painted with the names of celebrities on each of them. Since then, over 2,700 celebrities have received a star in their name. Every star takes up about 15 blocks of the streets of Los Angeles. The number will continue to grow each year when more stars are added. 

As it is already hard to get a star on the Walk, it seems to only get harder each year. Even though each class has been memorable, the class of 2024 is no exception. With that, hopefully future classes will continue to surprise fans throughout future generations. 

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