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Daya Returns With “The Difference” EP

Five years after the release of her last LP, Sit Still, Look Pretty, Daya is back with a brand new project, The Difference EP.

The Road to The Difference EP 

If you are a fan of pop music, there is a big chance that you have listened to Daya at least once in the last six years. Maybe you loved her debut single, “Hideaway,” or maybe you became obsessed (alongside the rest of the world) in 2016 with “Don’t Let Me Down,” a song that went viral featuring the Chainsmokers. 

Daya unveiled her debut album in late 2016, Sit Still, Look Pretty. Since then, she worked as an independent artist up until last year, when she signed with Sandlot Records. While working independently, she made sure to give fans at least one single of her own every year, which took her to where she is now. 

The Difference EP arrives with a total of five original songs and a “Bad Girl” remix by JVKE. All of the songs included in the project are dissimilar to each other, which makes the project sound sunny and fresh. While “Bad Girl” is the first song where Daya has opened up about her queerness, “Montana” expresses her feelings of homesickness. “First Time” and “The Difference” are uplifting songs you will want to sing in the shower, while “Tokyo Drifting” is ideal for when driving around at night and you just want to relax.

Daya Talks About The New EP

“‘Montana’ is about the fantasy of getting away from L.A. and retreating to a place where I could live a simpler life with the person I love,” Daya says to Broadway World. “It’s wondering what our relationship would be like without all the noise and pressure and distractions, and dreaming how good that would be for us.”

“It feels like this era of rebirth, and re-connecting with the world around me,” Daya says of the EP to Billboard. “‘First Time’ is more of a dance track, ‘Bad Girl’ is a bit darker, ‘Montana’ is very stripped-down, and there are a few others that are more in the alternative world. It definitely covers a variety of sounds, of production [types], but it just feels thematically cohesive.”

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