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Ella Mai is Back With “DFMU”

British R&B singer-songwriter Ella Mai is officially back with her first single in two years, “DFMU.”

It’s Been Two Long Years Without Ella Mai

The last time we heard new music from Ella was in 2020 when she released her lone single of the year, “Not Another Love Song.” Prior to the single, she collaborated with Ed Sheeran on the 2019 single “Put It All on Me” and released her self-titled debut album Ella Mai in 2018. Crazy to think it’s been so long!

She Asks For Honesty on “DFMU”

“DFMU” stands for “don’t f*ck me up,” and the song is directly about that: In the song, Ella sings to a lover asking them to please be nice to her, and don’t break her heart. “If you really care for me. Just make sure you’re there for me. Feel I’m fallin’ in too deep. That’s okay, just rescue me. Let me know what you want from me,” she sings in the bridge.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Ella said making “DFMU” was “very hard” for her “because it was like my life in real-time.” “So it was almost a therapy session when I was in the session. But I think that’s the best way. All the people that I grew up listening to are always very, very honest. And I’ve always just appreciated the honesty. I think it’s the best way I think that people can relate to you also.”

She continued, “I was having a very honest conversation with Prince Charlez who I wrote the song with about what I was going through at that point. And it just was basically a conversation, and it just came together that way. And I think those are the best songs because storytelling is just conversation really. It was one of the ones during the recording process that I just knew it had to make.”

Is There a New Album Coming Soon?

Ella recently deleted all her Instagram posts to reflect only the ones from her new era. Due to this, fans are speculating that there might be a new album coming soon, so we’ll have to wait and see!

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