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DaniLeigh Drops New “My Side” EP

DaniLeigh’s 2022 new album, the EP My Side, is out now. The record features the previously released singles Dead to Me and Heartbreaker.

dani leigh

A much needed revenge

The singer, which began her career in 2016 with the release of her first single It’s Just Us, just reached the release of her sixth album, My Side. The highly awaited record comes with great expectations. In fact, “My Side” follows the 2020 album “Movie,” which contains singles like Superstar and Situations. The record went extremely popular, especially thanks to the collaborations with Gunna on Diamonds On Me and DaBaby in Levi High. 

Regarding the Instagram Live incident with DaBaby, the artist discussed her point of view with People magaine. DaniLeigh mentioned how “very triggering” and “very sad” it all was. She also went on saying that in her new EP she takes the distances in from previous releases. In fact, this record represents a new experiment. She said:

“I feel like the project is closure for me to just move on for my next chapter in life and just focus on having fun and being a mom and living life in a positive light.”

Her Side

Starting with the hit Dead To Me, the song sets the tone to the entire EP. In fact, the entire album is aimed as a liberating work. “My Side” is indeed directed at the father of DaniLeigh’s daughter Velour, DaBaby.

With DaBaby, the singer had not just a few problems and fights. Starting from a suspicious connection between the two, the relationship ended when a verbal fight went live on his Instagram. It all ended with the police showing up. Both the artists later commented the drama.

Talking to Angie Martinez, DaniLeigh said that the relationship was “toxic,” although they “had our really good times” and “were in love.”

DaBaby responded DaniLeigh in an Instagram Story, I feel like y’all kinda showing your hand. I feel like y’all should’ve put that together better.” He also added, “I’m grown, I’m an adult. I don’t gotta co-exist with nobody who too toxic for me and who don’t serve me well.
However, the biggest and most important “stage” to present DaniLeigh’s point of view was indeed a new record, “My Side.” Just like her biggest influences from the R&B, Pop and Hip Hop scene, like Aaliyah, Drake, and Rihanna did,  she pointed out her version of the story in the record.
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