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Rihanna is Welcomed to the Billionaires Club

The yearly released list of the globe’s wealthiest has just added a new partner: Rihanna! The musician and business woman who was once in a state of poverty and struggle has officially made it into the Billionaires Club. 

Rihanna new album music 2022

As for how Riri got to that esteemed status, it’s quite a surprise. Originally, I thought that it’d be as a result of decades worth of work within the music industry. WRONG! Her wealth comes from the immense success of her beauty product line: Fenty Beauty. Every lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, foundation, and the many other products in her line since 2017 has built her this success. 

As it stands, Rihanna is only second to Oprah in ranking in the overall entertainment category. As for the category of female musicians, she’s number one. Truly it’s inspiring to see such an accomplishment from someone who came from nothing and isn’t much within the spotlight. Comparatively to other celebrities, Rihanna has been quite hush about her personal life and such. It shows since her grind and happiness has been on the downlo’ until recently with the news of her pregnancy. 

All the best wishes from all us here. Also, best of luck to a woman who’s proven herself as an individual before tackling the next big thing. 

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