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Ciara Transports Us Back To The 2000’s with “JUMP”

Ciara in "JUMP" music video
Ciara in “JUMP” music video


“JUMP” With Ciara And Coast Contra

With almost 20 years as a mainstream artist under her belt, Ciara continues to build her legacy. Not only does she have warm vocals that resemble Janet Jackson, but her killer dancing abilities make her a double threat. Her new track “JUMP” features rapper Coasta Contra. Ciara sings the verses and raps on the chorus of this old school and fast tempo hip hop beat. 

Coast Contra’s addition fits perfectly in this 2000’s inspired track. He spits a quick verse hyping his girl up and maintains the songs high energy. Notably, he approaches the track with hunger and an aggressive flow that is reminiscent of rapper Lil Jon. Lil Jon emerged in the 2000s, and is recognized for his screamo rap in popular hits “Turn Down For What,” “Snap Yo Fingers” and “Alive.” 

Lyrical Analysis

The singer embraces confidence and sexiness. It serves as the booty shaking anthem of the summer. The lyrics talk of arousing her partner, her sex appeal and suspense leading up to intimacy. On the other hand, the chorus is simple and catchy. Her partner likes when she makes her booty “jump.”  The track is upbeat and Ciara gets the party going.

Music Video For “JUMP” 

The music video directed by Dave Meyers makes the track come alive. The visuals are interchanging in the music video for “JUMP.” One highlight being Ciara dancing on a tightrope which personally I have not seen in other music videos. Another highlight is Ciara dancing on a rooftop overlooking the city with sparklers at the end of her braids, lighting up the dark atmosphere. Check out the dope visuals in her music video below. 


Janet Jackson and 2000’s influence

Janet Jackson inspires the dancing, hair, and visuals in the music video. Ciara has named Janet as one of her key musical influences. Their smooth vocal tonalities, incredible stage presence, and sex appeal are all embraced and reminiscent of each other. 

The dancers rock a variety of outfits ranging from baggy pants and crop tops to booty shorts, cheerleading uniforms and more. Baggy clothes were very popular in the 2000’s thanks to celebrities like Aaliyah, and are now making a comeback. 

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Inclusion of Black Women In Music Video

Ciara includes almost all Black women to dance in this music video. Therefore, it is essential to have Black women in the visual for this twerk anthem because of their influence. Twerking is a dance move started by Black women yet they are discredited. Black women heavily influenced fashion, beauty and dance trends in the 2000’s and continue to today. The dancers move in sync, looking absolutely breathtaking. Check out the track “JUMP” featuring Coast Contra here.

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