December 09, 2022

Cory Singer’s Sweet New Single, “Chance of a Lifetime”


On July 8th, Cory Singer dropped his newest single, “Chance of a Lifetime (The Proposal).” The Tiktok star and “The Kandi Factory” winner charms on the track, his vocals combining with beautiful imagery. The New Jersey native cements his place in romantic pop and mainstream music – making him a perfect MD Discovery.

Cory Singer Keeps Amassing Fans

Cory first gained recognition for his talents in 2013, when he performed in Joe DiPietro’s “The Last Romance.” However, it wasn’t until he joined Tiktok that his following exploded. Singer educates his audience on autism acceptance – coining the phrase “let’s normalize autism” – and is a champion of positivity. He often posts clips of his music, most recently promoting “Chance of a Lifetime” on his social media channels. Currently, Cory Singer amassed more than 400,000 followers on Tiktok.

“Chance of a Lifetime” is a Promise of Happiness

“Chance of a Lifetime” is the perfect wedding ballad, as we hear Cory sweetly propose a lifetime together with a special someone. His theatre training is apparent through his rich belting and effortless falsettos. The young star promises a lifetime of happiness, “a house by the sea, the sun in the bright summer sky / we walk on the beach, as we look into each other’s eyes.” The single proposes quite the fairytale, but Cory’s gentle voice makes us believe it to be true.

Cory Singer’s Declaration of Love

His newest single is a soft yet resounding declaration of love. A reviewer writes, “The simplistic instrumentation built by piano, guitar, and light strings allows his words to be heard loud and clear as he is proposing to share a life with someone. Those in love are left thinking of that magic feeling, and those not yet in love are left with a romanticized longing for a love so pure.” The young artist spreads that love through his music, as well as shares messages of acceptance and perseverance on social media.

More from the Young Star

Aside from releasing “Chance of a Lifetime,” Cory Singer has been busy. Along with maintaining his Tiktok presence, he performs at theaters across New Jersey and at the New Jersey Devils’ NHL “Autism Acceptance Night.” Singer has also recorded with Grammy-winning producer Joe Nicolo and appeared at the “Healing Through The Arts” festival. For more updates on Cory and other new Music Daily Discoveries, check back often!



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