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David Alexander Is Pop’s Next Big Act

David Alexander Via Instagram Discover David Alexander

David Alexander is the New York City-based artist making infectious pop songs.  The young artist is storming TikTok with his music.  His 66K followers see him in the studio sharing his process and teasing new music.  He debuted last year in the midst of the pandemic with “If I Were You.”  Soon after, his hit single “Heartbeat” took off.  The single shares a similar tone to Shawn Mendes and melodies that are radio-ready.  Alexander cites artists like John Mayer and Clinton Kane as inspirations of his.  With his musical knowledge and proven ability to sing and write a pop-perfect song, Alexander is poised to only keep growing.

Last year’s “Dreams Cost Cash” and “Sore Loser”

His latest single, 2021’s “Dreams Cost Cash,” is his best work thus far.  The song is effortlessly catchy.  Absolutely, it holds up to some of the top 40 hits currently circulating.  The chorus comes in brilliantly with Alexander singing “All our dreams cost money” with just enough grit.  The production by Jason Mater compliments him perfectly.  It pulls away at the beginning of the chorus just before the bass and drums come in at full force.  The track follows the pop blueprint intentionally.  Furthermore, it shows that David Alexander knows how to write and sing a hit.

Preluding “Dreams Cost Cash” was last year’s “Sore Loser.”  When comparing the two songs, they are quite different.  “Sore Loser” takes the route of a slow ballad.  Alexander taps into the creamy tone of singers like Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith.  Using his falsetto he floats the lyrics “I’m not a sore loser” stunningly.  Sweeping, soft, synths and harmonies make this heartfelt song lush with emotion.  Even more, this track really shows off Alexander’s vocal capability.  He carries notes with control and truly can sing a song with or without all the bells and whistles.

To keep up with David Alexander, click here for his TikTok and his Instagram, here.

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