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EDEN is Evolving on “Modern Warfare”

EDEN, popular Irish musician, pleases fans again with his newest track, “Modern Warfare.” It’s his first single (and project) since 2020, and demonstrates growth and new perspectives from the young artist. Accordingly, EDEN and “Modern Warfare” are this week’s Music Daily Discovery.

An Evolution for EDEN

EDEN saw a swift rise to fame with the release of i think you think too much of me in 2016. The album, which bordered alternative and pop, demonstrates a vastly different Jonathon Ng. Though his resonant vocals are still present, not much but the bare bones still remains in his new music. His evolution as an artist is present in “Modern Warfare” and his commentary on it.

“Modern Warfare” Is A Combination of Genres

“Modern Warfare” is a blend of EDM, r&b, and something different entirely. After a long hiatus, Jonathon has evolved his musical stylings and lyricism. His newest track combines vulnerable thoughts and commentary on technology. He sings, ” Weaponize the timeline / I’ve been here in real life / Dodging all these airstrikes / Anxious but it’s alright”.

Technology, Social Media, and Us

In a statement about the track, EDEN says, “This song is a meditation on the blurred lines between life and interaction online and irl. There was a time where I had rejected certain aspects of social life by refusing to use the tools of our time, and modern warfare came after a period of reintegration.” EDEN aptly uses electronic sounds combined with real, fervent vocals to express the interrelations of technology and humans.

A Wonderful Music Video

Not only is the song particularly striking, it’s incredibly smooth and calming. Just as “Modern Warfare” is a joy to listen to, the accompanying music video is a joy to watch. EDEN and friends drive his lemon of a Corolla, enjoying the ride even with a mirror missing and cracked windshield. Jonathon Ng captures the true essence of friendships and relationships during the technological era.

EDEN’s Maturity

This idea of bonding through technology is explained by EDEN. He says, “There is a sense of maturity coming into these spaces and situations after time away, despite how urgent everything can feel. An ability to not be dragged into the reactionary anxiety that is so often associated with social media.” 

Fans are ecstatic for EDEN’s next releases, and for good reason. Check back to Music Daily often for updates and more MD Discoveries!

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