Conan Gray Experiments With 80s Synths on “Telepath”

Synth Takeover

The WeekendDua Lipa, and Carly Rae Jepsen are amongst the most capable artists to create great throwback synths. And, now Conan Gray joins this soundscape with “Telepath,” released October 29th. Sonically, the single contrasts from his recent rollout of “People Watching” and “Astronomy.” While those are more languid and thoughtful, “Telepath” is an instant hit full of more reassurance and hyperactivity than doubt.


“Telepath” Overview

Originally named “ur just so predictable,” “Telepath” is the third single from Conan’s rumored-sophomore album. Although this is a departure from his distinct “sad boy” aesthetic, there is still a sense of desire and want within the track. However, it’s more crazed and all-knowing. The single’s opening has an electric buzz that hides a steady bass, almost like a surprise attack.

Don’t even finish that sentence, babe / Already know how this ends / You say, ‘We’re breakin’ up,’ what a shame,” the singer starts.  As the drums generate an up-tempo rhythm, they make the singer’s falsettos emotionally drained and annoyed. It then opens into a bright, atmospheric chorus, where he predicts his partner’s behavior and tactics, “‘Cause I got a feelin’ / You’re comin’ back just like you have in the past.” Soon, the chorus explodes into an instrumental dance break, a sound similar to The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights.”

Conan Gray’s lyricism within the track, along with the upbeat melody, further develops this “sad boy” aesthetic from a person who needs assurance and attention to a person who already has it telepathically. As his words spread across the track, it becomes hard to keep up with his thoughts– and it’s intentional and powerful! As the song closes, he sings, “You’ll see me moving on and hate that I’m gone / I can see it, you’re comin’ back /Call me a telepath.” However, telepathy soon transforms into obsession. And clearly, on the outro, you can hear his madness, screaming Telepath! on the dying dance beat.

What’s Next For Conan Gray?

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter will go on a world tour in 2022, playing a hefty 52 shows! With a steady rollout of singles, a new album is definitely on the horizon. But the question of when is still up in the air. Give his other latest singles, “People Watching” and “Astronomy,” a listen– they are great if you’re having one of those days!

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