December 09, 2022

NBA Youngboy Releases Two New Songs


Youngboy Never Broke Again has been quite busy lately, as he prepares to release his latest album, The Last Slimento in August. This month, the Baton Rouge native dropped new tracks, titled “See Me Now” and “Gang Baby” with P Yungin (featuring Rojay MLP and RJAE). NBA Youngboy is giving smaller artists exposure while promoting his new album.

“See Me Now” is an iPhone Video

On May 14th, NBA Youngboy released the music video for “See Me Now,” which hasn’t been officially posted on streaming platforms besides Youtube. The two-and-a-half minutes video is shot on an iPhone, accompanied by amateur video affects. In the track, NBA Youngboy boasts of his success and fame. He raps, “They tried to make career hold up / See I came out froze’d up, I told them / That I’m f***in’ up the game soon as my money up.” As is signature of Youngboy’s music, he raps with precision and confidence over a heater beat. “See Me Now” is worth a watch… or five. Fans are eager to see if the track will be featured on The Last Slimento.

New Artists on “Gang Baby”

“Gang Baby” dropped the day before “See Me Now.” The track is a collaboration with P Yungin and features Rojay MLP and RJAE. The four artists rap over a beat constructed of piano and concussion. The seemingly tame beat supplements self-assured lyrics and style. P Yungin, Rojay MLP and RJAE are all smaller artists, and fans are ecstatic that NBA Youngboy featured them. For the first two years of his career, Youngboy Never Broke Again released independent mixtapes. His authenticity, confidence, and lyrical prowess gained him a cult following which continues today. “Gang Baby” is an opportunity for younger, smaller rappers to find that same fame. The accompanying music video features all of them partying together… along with some dizzying special effects.

More From YoungBoy Never Broke Again

NBA Youngboy has collaborated with P Yungin before, as he was recently featured on “Pull Up Actin” which dropped in April. Fans are expectant to see another project with both of them. YB is building anticipation for The Last Slimento as he continues to drop music.



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