February 02, 2023



Conan Gray Goes ‘Overdrive’ in New Single

Conan Gray just released a brand new single, ‘Overdrive’. The song is accompanied by a music video, which he just released on Monday.

Conan Gray’s Ballad to Escape Reality

The song is a melodic pop ballad that makes you want to sing along. Conan sings about living in the moment and experiencing love without any worries about what will happen next. In the music video, we can see him waiting at a train station for his ride. Then he sees a girl that catches his side on the other side of the tracks. The video captures the love story that Conan is imagining with the girl in his head, from working together at a restaurant to driving around together in the middle of the night.

Conan shared what ‘Overdrive’ meant to him via Apple Music. “I wrote ‘Overdrive’ to escape reality. I’ve spent the entire past year moping around alone in my house. I wanted to make something to get me to dance, something to belt in the shower. Every time I’d turn it on to tweak the production or change the lyrics, I’d end up singing along and forgetting why I was so stressed. That’s exactly what I hope this song is for people who listen: a moment of reckless abandon and catharsis in a world filled with inhibition”. This was reflected in his Instagram announcement as well.

He’s Working on His Next Album!

He also shared a little more about the new song to NME. “The song is about losing your inhibitions and just doing exactly what you want to do in a given moment, even if it’s a little bit reckless. I think that’s kind of the main thing I’m craving right now – to be able to live a life without inhibitions. At the moment, we have a lot of barriers to living our lives. It’s really a fantasy. It’s a form of escape for me.”

“I’m so used to writing dreadfully sad music,” he explained. “I love writing sad music and I write mostly sad songs. But I purposely wanted to put out ‘Overdrive’ right now because I wanted to just spread a bit of joy. This was a song that I found myself listening to over and over, just for fun.”

Currently, Conan is working on his next album. Although he doesn’t know when it will be finished or released yet, he does know that it will be very different than what he’s done in the past. We can’t wait! In the meantime, let’s enjoy ‘Overdrive.’

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[…] up on “Astronomy” and “Overdrive,” Conan Gray unveils another lyrically flawless track. The music video for the up-tempo new ballad […]

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